Why the Cuboo Cup?

We only sell one reusable cup. And that’s because we believe it’s the perfect cup. The Cuboo Cup made from natural sustainable bamboo, which makes it light, smooth and free from any nasty plastic chemicals - unlike the others. It's designed to be subtle, simple and as close to your normal coffee cup as possible.

Made from natural bamboo fibre  -  Dishwasher proof  -  Biodegradable cup   Recyclable lid & sleeve  -  270ml capacity

100 billion cups

Each year, more than 100 billion single-use cups go to landfill. That's an insane number, and not insane in a good way. The problem is the plastic found on the inside of single-use cups can't be recycled in the normal way. This means that less than 1% are recycled. Every time you use your Cuboo Cup you help make a dent in that billion. A small cup can make a huge difference.

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