Reusable Cups For Your Café

Get ahead of the environmental game by stocking one of the very few reusable cups that is completely plastic free - the Cuboo Cup. Made from natural bamboo fibre, our cup is free from any nasty chemicals that might leave a bad taste in your customer's mouth. Not something you want after a perfecting your latte art.    
Our cup comes unbranded, just how our customers like them. If it's something someone is going to keep, the chances are they don't want a logo on it. But branded cardboard sleeves fit the cup perfectly.                                                         
The Cuboo Cup is as close to a coffee cup as you can get, which is why they're perfect for any cafe. This is a chance to stock something different and truly environmentally friendly.    
Order Cost
0 - 10 £3.99 per unit
10 upwards  £3.50 per unit
Made from natural sustainable bamboo fibre  -  Use again & again  -  Dishwasher proof  -  Biodegradable cup  -  Recyclable lid and sleeve  -  270ml capacity
To find out more about orders pop in some details below along with any questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.